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Merck Suspends Boy Scouts Funding

New Jersey-based Merck, one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, has suspended its funding of the Boy Scouts. Via GLAAD, here is their statement:
The BSA's policy of exclusion based on sexual orientation directly conflicts with the Merck Foundation’s giving guidelines. The Foundation re-evaluated funding for the BSA when the organization restated its policy that excludes members on the basis of sexual orientation. Merck Foundation has notified the BSA of this decision. As part of the broader review of funding decisions in 2013, the Foundation is currently assessing all current and future funding commitments to ensure that it is not funding organizations with policies contrary to its own.
Merck's top-selling products are Singulair (asthma), Cozaar (high blood pressure), Remicade (arthritis), and Propecia (hair loss). They also make the heavily-prescribed anti-HIV medication Isentress.

RELATED: Last month UPS also suspended its funding, bringing screams of outrage and calls for a boycott from the Christian right. 

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