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GEORGIA: Gay Spy Ring Exposed

Russia Today reports that police in Georgia claim to have exposed a government-run spy ring that used gay men to prey on celebrities who were then blackmailed into supporting the regime.
The prosecutors claim the former head of the Military Police, Legis Kardava, instructed some high-placed officials of his agency to gather information on homosexual men. Specially selected gay agents seduced their victims and took them to apartments equipped with audio and video recorders where they “secretly and illegally recorded fragments of private lives” of these people. After this the records were used to force the people to cooperate with the special services. The investigators say the provocateurs chose famous people, though no names have been disclosed. It is also claimed that the ultimate objective was to force the Georgian celebrities into demonstrating loyalty to the existing political regime, headed by President Mikhail Saakashvili. Prosecutors allowed some of the video from the case to be shown on national TV after the identities of participants were concealed.
Investigators claim that the spy ring operated until the opposition party won in the October elections.

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