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His Silent Loving Gaze

JMG reader Wilson tips us to Croatian "healer" Braco, who is touring the nation with "gazing events" in which audience members pay to stand in his presence and bask in his "silent loving gaze." From Braco's about page:
As Braco gazes at us and we gaze back at him during sessions, our strongest support comes through our feelings in those moments, which anchor what is uniquely here for us. Many people report a gentle action taking place as Braco‚Äôs gift touches them during a gazing bringing forth deep feelings of love, joy or a sense of being seen for the very first. Others report experiencing heat or a fire-like sensation activating areas in the body. This interaction can even awaken lost or abandoned hopes for good health, life purpose and a positive future.   Braco is like a conduit for a remarkable gift that has been proven through the testimonials of those who have been helped, and it is not limited by our current thoughts, unifying us beyond our present state of being. It can lift us to a place through a feeling alone, where spontaneous change can take place that flows into our bodies and lives to create a new foundation.
Attendees using crutches and wheelchairs are invited to come to the front of the "gazing venues." But there are no bad seats because "Braco's healing gaze reaches everybody equally."  Braco has been staring silently at audiences for years around the world and there are numerous testimony videos to his powers on YouTube.  He also sells DVDs, so apparently he can cure you by staring out of a television. How have I never heard of this until today?

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