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Matt Barber: I'm Laughing At You

"I laugh at them; liberals, that is. I make fun of their dull-witted, self-defeating, abjectly wicked worldview. I follow God’s example. Of those who align themselves against His laws and His nature, Psalm 2:4 says, 'He who sits in the heavens laughs. The Lord scoffs at them.' How can you not scoff at the silly twaddle they’re hocking? Ultimately, I’ve read the end of the book. I know what happens. The good guys win. That keeps me smiling no matter what goes down on the culture-war front. It keeps me snickering." - Hate group leader Matt Barber, writing for Townhall about his "patchouli-wearing, pervert-pride-prancing" enemies.

Here's a laugh for you, Barber.

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