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One Million Moms Versus Oxygen Media

Just in via press release:
Dear Joe,  Since reality shows of families with many children have been done, Oxygen Media, LLC has decided that a program with one dad, eleven children, and ten moms is a good idea. During a Fox News interview, the dad finds nothing wrong with the show or his choices since he supports all eleven of his children on his own without any government assistance. Parents are concerned that this show sets the wrong example for today's youth on a moral standard.

The basis of the program is that the man has fathered eleven children by ten different women and a lot of drama is created by the situation. This is morally wrong, but the network finds the chaos produced to be entertaining. Oxygen Media, owned by NBCUniversal, will promote this program with commercials which will cause confusion for the children viewing them. It is appalling that this man will be paid because of his lack of values while young viewers could be desensitized into thinking this is normal. The show is set to air soon so we need to contact NBCUniversal and let them know that this type of programming is unacceptable and they need to cancel it immediately.
They haven't even seen it yet, but they want it canceled. Meanwhile the Duggars reality show, 19 Kids & Counting, is about to go into its eleventh season.

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