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Quote Of The Day - Rick Wiles

"The Democratic Party convention booed the mention of God three times. The people have elected a Marxist Muslim who I believe is a revolutionary. Voters in states like Maryland and Washington state [and] Maine endorsed homosexual marriage.  I believe Wisconsin elected an avowed lesbian as a senator.  In Massachusetts they elected a Marxist professor. Matt, this is a communist takeover of the United States of America. I see pastors going to prison. I see IRS SWAT teams coming down on churches and shooting people and seizing buildings. That's what I see. He's not going to allow anyone to disobey him. This man is a tyrant and I've said all year he will take his mask off after the November election and quickly we're seeing, just as we've seen with General Petraeus, anybody that would dare to oppose him will be removed." - Pastor Rick Wiles, interviewing Liberty Counsel spokesdouche Matt Barber on his radio show. For extra crazy, read the "about" page on Wiles' site.

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