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How Britain's Parties Voted

Via the Guardian's live blog, I've tried to compile their lengthy listing on how the House of Commons voted today.  This is what I came up with so far.

Labour 217 Yes, 22 No
Conservatives (Tories) 136 Yes, 144 No
Liberal Democrats 44 Yes, 4 No
Plaid Cymru (Wales) 4 Yes, 0 No.
Democratic Unionists (Northern Ireland) 0 Yes, 8 No
Alliance 1 Yes, 0 No
SDLP (Northern Ireland) 1 Yes, 0 No
Independents 2 Yes, 0 No

There are 649 MPs. The numbers don't exactly add up because some didn't vote and a few members voted both yes and no, the British version of an abstention. As far as I can tell, anyway. Help me out, Brits?

UPDATE: Here's an interesting comment I got on Facebook: "Worth mentioning in the hope of dispelling lazy Islamophobic stereotypes that all six Muslim Labour MPs voted in favour of the bill."

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