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ALABAMA: Teacher Suspended Over Anti-Gay Slurs & Attack On First Lady

The Alabama teacher who was recorded telling students that "queers are an abomination against God" has been suspended.  He was also taped making nasty comments about the appearance of Michelle Obama.
Bob Grisham, who is also a psychology and driver's education teacher, was suspended for 10 days without pay. The Lauderdale County School Board met at 4 p.m. Monday to discuss the matter. Grisham will have to attend mandatory sensitivity classes and meet with the assistant superintendent once a month. The board has also removed him from his 5th period psychology class, and he will be given a different assignment. Some people were pleased with the Board's decision; others think the punishment should have been tougher. "I think it's fair because I'm a big supporter of Mr. Grisham. I've known him for years," said Lee Barclay. "He's taught my children. My son played football under him. He's a good Christian man; he just misspoke that day."

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