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Today In Christian Love

"I believe that Oscar Pistorius is cursed for openly supporting homosexuals. According to the Holy Word of God, homosexuality is an abomination to God, and any person who supports homosexuals are doomed for hell." - South African Pastor Oscar Bougardt, telling his Facebook followers that God made Pistorious murder his girlfriend because he'd made an It Gets Better video. 

But wait, there's more.
He later removed the comments, but told the Cape Times: “I will continue to make statements until I die. Someone needs to speak out about their filthy lifestyles.” “One of the reasons I removed it was because homosexuals have been harassing me, screaming at me and verbally abusing me,” he added. “It’s not because I’ve changed my stance on what I said. I feel it’s a truthful comment.” He then went on to blame South Africa’s high crime rates on “homosexuals coming into our communities, picking up boys and giving them drugs and alcohol." “Our children are getting confused by these perverts,” he said.
Pink News notes that Bourgardt is being investigated by the South African Human Rights Commission for a long history of anti-gay comments, including one saying that Bishop Desmond Tutu will "burn in hell" for accepting gay people.

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