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Afternoon View

This is one of the many entrances to the sprawling 1500-acre, 7200 unit condo complex west of Fort Lauderdale where I'm staying with my ex and his partner. The place is so huge that there are eleven separate condo associations.  The units are positively gigantic by NYC standards and they almost laughably inexpensive, also by NYC standards. A large percentage of the residents are snowbirds, many of them from Quebec, and the word is that this place sort of empties out when spring arrives up north.  There are tons of gay guys living here, many of them retired couples, and my hosts tell me that about 100 guys show up for the monthly pot-luck that's just for the residents of the buildings in their association.  I've never been one for this sort of serene, lush, laid-back living, but everybody here seems to love it. I did crack up this morning when a resident eldergay invited me to a "fabulous shuffleboard tournament." What makes it fabulous? "Bloody Marys, mimosas, and gossip, of course!"

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