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Catholic Charities: We're Done In Colorado

Responding to yesterday's passage of civil unions, Catholic Charities of Colorado said that they will probably end their adoption services rather than allow gay couples to rescue children abandoned by heterosexual parents.  
The Rev. Samuel J. Aqulia, archbishop of Denver, released a statement Tuesday refuting Ferrandino’s stance on religious exemptions, adding that while the Catholic Church “recognizes and affirms the dignity of every human person,” it does not view all relationships as equal. “The ability for religious-based institutions to provide foster care and adoption services for Colorado’s children is now dangerously imperiled,” Aquila said. “Marriage is a stabilizing institution at the foundation of civil society. Religious liberty is a civil rights issue. Both have been grievously harmed.”
A spokesman for Catholic Charities said a final decision will not be made until the bill is signed by the governor, but since the group did not get the exemption they demanded, it is unlikely the adoption program will continue. The organization has voluntarily ended their adoption programs in other states with legalized same-sex marriage. Hate groups typically characterize that voluntary action as having been "shut down by the state."

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