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Right-Wing French MP: Gay Marriage Will Become Law & Then We'll Go To Court

"However large the demonstration was, it will have no impact at all. Christine Boutin must believe in Santa Claus.  We in the Senate are generally more staid than the Assembly. We won't engage in any filibustering. We go about it calmly. The debate will much more sedate than in the National Assembly.  In the end, things should balance out between the two sides, and the bill will pass. The bill will pass in both houses. Nevertheless, we're pinning our hopes on an appeal to the Constitutional Council. We have very strong legal arguments to prove the unconstitutionality of the bill. We have an outside group of legal experts working on the issue. Then, once we get to the Constitutional Council, we'll still have to cross our fingers. That institution handles legal issues but also tackles political events.” -Right wing French MP Patrice Gelard, speaking to Le Monde. (Translated by JMG reader David in Paris)

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