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Manif Pour Tous: Protests Will Continue

Last night dozens of anti-gay protesters were arrested in Paris and Lyon as battles with riot police continued.  But Manif Pour Tous says their "peaceful protests" will not end and will spread to more cities. Here's their blog post about yesterday's vote:
The debate was yet again extremely tense at the Assemblée, though the French are rallying more than ever against "marriage for all", the law was voted, 331 for, 225 against. Shouts of joy and applause greeted this on the side of the bill's supporters, while opponents quickly left the building. Frigide Barjot and Tugdual Derville were showered with insults as they exited the Assemblée. In the peaceful spirit of La Manif Pour Tous, they did not attempt replies. Not far from there, LGBT activists are already starting to demand assisted reproductive technologies for women, proving that "marriage for all" is only the beginning. Assisted reproductive technologies and surrogacy will always come back on the debate table, and much sooner than we think.

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