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American Decency Association: DOMA Ruling Was As Bad As Pearl Harbor

"As we look back on history there are dates which we now see were crossroads, turning points for nations and cultures. July 4, 1776; June 6, 1944. December 7, 1941; January 22, 1973. Battles fought, decisions made – some establishing goodness and justice, others are dates that 'will live in infamy.' God will not bless a nation that puts a stamp of approval upon that which he calls an abomination.

"The evidences of God’s displeasure are evident and becoming more so with each passing day. We are rapidly coming upon a time when a handful of unelected, increasingly politicized appointees are demonstrating that their allegiance to the U.S. Constitution and to natural law is under question. However, God’s law supercedes [sic] man’s. As Christians, we must defy man’s law if it requires us to break the law of God." - Lisa Van Houten, writing for the American Decency Association. (Via Right Wing Watch)

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