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Byran Fischer Cites Biblical Support For Slavery As Reason To Oppose Immigration

"A young man by the name of Onesimus found Paul in Rome, where Paul was in prison for the crime of preaching about Christ. Onesimus became a Christ-follower through Paul’s influence. The sticky part for both Onesimus and Paul was that Onesimus had no legal right to be in Rome. Onesimus was a slave, and had run away from his master, a man by the name of Philemon, who lived in the city of Colosse. (Christians and Christian influence ended the practice of slavery, but that’s a topic for another day.) So the challenge for Paul was quite simple: he had, in effect, an illegal alien looking to him for counsel. What, Onesimus, wondered, should he do? What was his moral obligation? Paul was quite clear and direct: his moral responsibility was to obey the law and return home. In other words, it was his duty to self-repatriate." - Hate group spokesman Bryan Fischer, citing the Biblical support for slavery as a reason to oppose immigration reform.

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