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Tea Party: Recall McCain & Flake

Tea Party supporters have launched recall petitions for Sen. John McCain and Sen. Jeff Flake over their support of the immigration reform bill. From the Flake page:
Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona has proven in his recent voting record that he does not represent his Arizona constituents, and instead votes in direct opposition to Conservative and Republican interests. Mr Flake voted to reward criminal foreign national illegal aliens with legal status before even attempting to secure our sovereign borders. In the Judiciary Committee, Jeff voted against meaningful E-verify enforcement, and he even voted against a measure introduced by Senator Cruz that would block instant access to state and federal welfare benefits for illegal aliens. Jeff Flake is proposing an immigration reform bill S.744 that abdicates Congressional authority to the Secretary of DHS, delays enforcement measures for years, and calls for plans rather than actual security on our sovereign borders and ports of entry. His votes display an utter disdain for the rule of law, national security, and the welfare of taxpaying citizens. We demand he be immediately recalled from office

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