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Daily Show: Which State Will Be The Last To Approve Same-Sex Marriage?

The Birmingham News has a recap:
Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show" put its satirical eye on Alabama Tuesday night, asking what people in Alabama – a state the show noted "still has segregated sororities" – and our cousins in Mississippi really think about gay rights. One segment of the show, "Last Gay Standing," was built around a prediction made by Nate Silver, likely the nation's most famous elections and sports statistician, that a majority of voters in a majority of states would approve gay marriage in a ballot initiative by 2020.  "The states that are probably going to be the slowest to move toward legalization are mostly in the South, particularly in the Deep South," Silver told The Daily Show correspondent Al Madrigal. "In particular, Alabama and Mississippi are maybe the last two." Former U.S. Attorney for North Alabama Doug Jones and Mississippi newspaper columnist Slim Smith told Madrigal the same: each suggested that their respective states would be the last to approve gay marriage in the U.S. But then The Daily Show started pushing real buttons.

(Tipped by JMG reader Zac)

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