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GOP House Rep Confronts Park Ranger, Demands Apology For Shutdown

Gawker has the recap:
In an astounding confrontation that took place yesterday at the World War II Memorial in DC, a Tea Party congressman from Texas appeared to blame the Park Service for denying veterans access to the facility — and then made a Park Ranger apologize for the shutdown. "How do you look at them and ... deny them access?" Rep. Randy Neugebauer asked the unidentified Ranger in an incredible exchange that was caught on camera by NBC Washington. In fact, the Park Service has been invoking the First Amendment in order to allow vets into the memorial despite the shutdown making it illegal for the department to do so. "It's difficult," the Ranger replied. "Well, it should be difficult," scorned the congressman. "It is difficult," the Ranger repeated. "I'm sorry, sir." "The Park Service should be ashamed of themselves," said Neugebauer. "I'm not ashamed," the Ranger retorted.  "You should be," sneered Neugebauer.

RELATED: The National Journal ranks Neugebauer as the "most conservative member of Congress." You might recall that it was Neugebauer who shouted "Baby killer!" at a Democrat during the Obamacare debate in the House.

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