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TIMES SQUARE: Queer Nation Crashes USOC Press Event For Sochi Olympics

The protesters were interviewed by some of the media in attendance, so mission accomplished. More photos.  USA Today reports on the protest.
About two dozen protesters tried to disrupt the U.S. Olympic committee's 100-day countdown event Tuesday in Times Square. Yelling "Homophobia's gotta go" the protesters unfurled banners that said "don't buy Putin's lies " and "boycott homophobia" while Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls spoke to a crowd of bystanders, news media and sponsors. The USOC event marked 100 days until the first competition in Sochi where Russia's anti-gay law has drawn ire from gay rights groups. "It's a violation of human rights,' said Duncan Osbourne, a member of Queer Nation NY which organized the protest. The demonstration was " thrown together" when the group learned about the USOC event two days ago. "We're saying stay out if Russia. It's not safe. Don't spend your money there. Put more pressure on Putin," said protester Bill Dobbs.

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