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AFER Looks Back On 2013

Clip recap:
In 2013, AFER took our case against Prop 8 to the US Supreme Court. Standing with us was an unprecedented groundswell of support, including you. It was the first time a marriage case for gay and lesbian Americans had ever been briefed before the nation's highest court. And we won. Gay and lesbian couples can now get married in the most populous state in America. We made sure people know the truth about marriage equality. Our play, "8," based on the landmark Prop 8 trial, has been a huge success. But our work continues. Sixty-three percent of the nation lives in a state without marriage equality. Without legal representation. Without respect. Without dignity. AFER continues to fight for marriage equality in federal court with a case in Virginia. Our Plaintiffs are two couples. They are represented by two of the nation's best attorneys. We can win, but we need your support. Stand on the right side of history.

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