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Activists Protest Harlem Hate Church

Members of ACT UP and other activists protested outside Harlem's ATLAH Church on Saturday in reaction to the church's billboard calling for the stoning of homosexuals. Via press release:
Over fifty LGBT activists protested for over an hour in the rain yesterday outside ATLAH World Missionary Church in Harlem, demanding that the church’s controversial pastor, James David Manning, emerge and administer the stonings that his public sign recently called for. Until it was vandalized last week, the church’s marquee read, “Jesus would stone homos. Harlem is a homo free zone.” Holding a forty-foot rainbow banner and shouting chants like “Harlem queers under attack! What do we do? ACT UP! Fight back!” and “Hey hey! Ho ho! David Manning has got to go!” the multiracial crowd also brandished signs that read, “God is love” and “Let he without sin cast the first stone.” At one point the rowdy group moved to the side entrance of the church, repeatedly ringing the building’s buzzer and raising their fists while they shouted, “We’re here for out stoning! We’re here for our stoning!” Several church members watched from inside through a glass door, smiling and chatting.
In the top photo holding the sign is ACT UP member Ken Kidd.  At the right in the bottom photo is rainbow flag creator and Harlem resident Gilbert Baker.

VIDEO: ATLAH's Pastor James Manning responded to an earlier protest that took place on Friday.

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