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Movie Trailer Voiceover King Hal "In A World" Douglas Dies At Age 89

Via the New York Times:
Hal Douglas, a voice-over artist who narrated thousands of movie trailers in a gravelly baritone heard by “audiences everywhere,” as he might have put it, “thrilled by images never before seen ... until now!,” died on Friday at his home in Lovettsville, Va. He was 89. The flexibility of his voice, and the longevity of his career — he worked steadily until two years ago — made him a “one name” phenomenon in Hollywood, said Marice Tobias, a consultant and voice coach to many A-list actors. “When you go past superstar status, you reach icon status in this business, where people know you by one name only,” she said. “That was Hal.”
The Times doesn't say why Douglas' death is only just being reported. Douglas mocked himself in the trailer for Jerry Seinfeld's 2002 documentary, Comedian.

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