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IDAHO: NCLR Files Stay Opposition Brief With Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals

The National Center for Lesbian Rights has filed their motion in opposition to the stay demand made yesterday to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals by Idaho Gov. Butch Otter (seriously.) View the full ruling at my Scribd account and pull out the best parts.

FUN FACT: Marriage defender Gov. Butch Otter's first wife of 28 years was named Gay. Her name was Gay Otter. Seriously. Her maiden name was Gay Simplot and she's one of the heirs to a multi-billion dollar potato fortune. Seriously. These days Gov. Otter is married to a former Miss Idaho, who is 25 years younger than the former Gay Otter.

BONUS FUN FACT: When Butch Otter was busted for DUI in 1992, he told the cops that he'd failed the Breathalyzer test because his chewing tobacco was soaked in Jack Daniels. Seriously. He was convicted and ordered to rehab. The scandal brought down his bid for governor that year.

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