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San Diego Paper: GOP House Candidate Carl DeMaio Is A Hideous Opportunist

From the 2014 primary endorsements page of the San Diego CityBeat:
DeMaio is just the most hideous kind of political opportunist. Sure, most politicians do it to an extent, but DeMaio is opportunism and crazed ambition on steroid-boosted steroids. It's been quite a show to watch him transform his narrative right before our eyes to this "new generation" Republican who's so gosh-darn proud of his homosexuality. Believe us, were he running in a more conservative district, he wouldn't be singing that tune. There's a reason LGBT groups don't support him—because he's only pro-LGBT when it serves his needs. Part of us wouldn't mind seeing him go to Washington, D.C., and get buried among 435 members, but knowing him, he'd be running the place within a year. And that's not good for anyone. We beg you on our hands and knees to vote for Scott Peters in the 52nd.
They also say that DeMaio is "the worst San Diego-area politician in at least the last 15 years and probably a lot longer." Suh-NAP.

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