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KICKSTARTER: Documentary On LGBT Youth Homelessness For Ali Forney Center

From the Kickstarter page:
Road to Home will follow a half dozen young LGBT people who turned to the streets after being rejected by their families. Having been in production for the last year, we have met a number of people who have allowed us into their lives and have agreed to be filmed. Through the use of observational footage, we will intimately trace their journeys as they traverse the street life—from the blistering heat of summer to the frigid nights of winter—moving from shelter to shelter and fighting just to survive.

However, our goal is not to simply wring our hands at a social problem. Throughout production, we worked closely with the Ali Forney Center, a NYC organization tasked with helping LGBT homeless youth. By using the Ali Forney Center as a springboard into this complex world, we have been able to work with people dedicated to making a difference. It is our goal not only to tell a powerful dramatic story, but also to create a film that will motivate people to do something about a critical social problem.
Donate at the link.

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