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NYC Pride Sues Local Club Promoter

Michael Musto reports at Out Magazine:
Promoter Brandon Voss tells me he’s being sued by Heritage of Pride for promoting “NYC Pride” clubs events (the bashes are for Matinee and Supreme Festival) since HOP has trademarked that name. An emergency injunction was issued, and they’re suing for damages. (One of the side issues is apparently that Azealia Banks is performing at the Supreme event, and she’s been in a controversy involving alleged homophobia.) Voss says it’s absurd that any organization should “own” Pride, especially one which he feels is using this as a tactic to funnel revenue to itself. He adds, “We have written testament from HOP itself (Chris Frederick) that they only gave ‘10% of $30k net income to charity last year’.” Chris Frederick responds that they have no comment on the lawsuit at this time. Be proud, gays!
The ad certainly gives the impression that the event is a production of NYC Pride. Even without "City" in the header.

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