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Tony Perkins On Tim Cook

"Apple’s old logo was colored by the rainbow -- and it looks like their top management still is. Three years after taking the company over for an ailing Steve Jobs, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed what many people suspected: he identifies as a homosexual. Cook, the head of the tech world’s colossus, said he made the announcement because his predecessor had urged him to 'be himself' as the company’s chief executive. This may surprise liberals, but as far as I’m concerned, Cook’s sexuality is irrelevant. It only becomes an issue when homosexuals make it one -- and use their businesses as a platform for radical activism.

"When companies get involved in cultural battles, every consumer is forced to take part. And whether people realize it or not, their money could be fueling an agenda they strongly oppose. As conservatives, we aren’t looking for businesses to take our side. We don’t want them to take either side! All we’re asking is for them to focus on their mission of providing quality products and service. If you think it’s impossible to change corporate America, think again. All too often, we get angry at the culture but don’t do anything about it. Being conscious of where your dollars are going is a small thing that can have a big impact. Regardless of political correctness, money talks. And believe me, corporate America is listening." - Hate group leader Tony Perkins, in a press release that links out to a listing of companies to patronize or boycott based on their stance on LGBT rights and other issues. Apple is not yet listed.

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