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A Letter To An Australian Senator

Last week I reported that Sen. David Leyonhjelm was pushing for a debate on marriage equality and that will happen tomorrow. The apparently unsigned letter was posted on Facebook today by his chief advisor.

RELATED: This also happened today in Australia.
The head of the leading Australian Catholic-based lobby group campaigning against same-sex marriage in Australia has attended and blessed his daughter's wedding to another woman in New Zealand. Peter Westmore is the successor to the high-profile B. A. Santamaria as president of the National Civic Council (NCC), a conservative group that for decades has sought to shape Australian public opinion and policy on key social and political issues, including on same sex marriage. The NCC is one of the religious groups opposed to Liberal Democrat senator David Leyonhjelm's "freedom to marry" bill, scheduled for debate in Federal Parliament on Thursday. It is encouraging supporters to use their email accounts to lobby MPs against the bill. An important political influence on Prime Minister Tony Abbott, the NCC also organised the "Save Tony (Abbott) " email campaign during last month's spill motion. A core NCC policy is that it "rejects lifestyles which undermine family values". Asked if he still supported the NCC's opposition on same sex marriage he said: "Of course I do."

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