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Aaron Schock: I'm Not An Attorney But I Certainly Hope I Didn't Break The law

Embattled GOP Rep. Aaron Schock yesterday spoke to Politico in what the outlet describes as an "evasive" and "defensive" interview.
The question to Rep. Aaron Schock was simple: Do you think you’ve broken any rules or federal laws? But the scandal-plagued congressman did not have a definitive answer. “Well, I certainly hope not,” Schock said. “I’m not an attorney.” The 33-year-old Republican went on to argue that he does his “best” and takes his obligations “very seriously,” which is why he’s enlisted outside advisers to help audit his office’s procedures. “That’s what we can all do, is our best effort,” Schock said. “Well, I would say I take my compliance obligations seriously,” he said when asked whether he accepted improper gifts. “So, to your point, you know, obviously there’s things that we’re going through and if there need to be amendments to my reports, there will be.” Asked again if he thinks he has accepted anything for free and not disclosed it, Schock said, “I have not, uh,” and then paused. “I would just leave it at that.” He was equally evasive about whether he had broken House ethics rules or federal campaign laws. 
High-profile right wingers such as Erick Erickson have called for Schock's resignation.

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