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COLORADO: "Ex-Gay" Torture Ban Advances In State House Committee

From the Associated Press:
Colorado mental health professionals would be barred from practicing gay conversation therapy with minors under a bill given initial approval Friday by the state House. The House advanced the bill on an unrecorded voice vote. A final vote this week could send the proposal to the more conservative Senate, where its chances were less clear. The measure would forbid therapists from trying to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of a person under 18. Therapists who do not follow the rule would face disciplinary action from their licensing board. Republicans worry that therapists could be punished for merely being perceived as trying to change someone’s sexual orientation. Rep. Brian DelGrosso, the Republican House leader, said he’s concerned about unintended consequences. He asked what would happen in situations when a youth is confused about sexual orientation.
Bans have already been enacted in California, New Jersey, and Washington DC.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: When the DC City Council unanimously passed its ban, "ex-gay" activist Christopher Doyle called the action "a victory for gay pedophiles everywhere." DC Mayor Vincent Gray signed the bill into law in January, prompting the Liberty Counsel to declare that "an assault on almighty God" had been committed. Tony Perkins bleated that DC City Council members had "opened a frightening chapter" on the recruiting of children into homosexuality. The Liberty Counsel has lost every single legal battle to overturn statewide bans on "ex-gay" torture in California and New Jersey, including before the US Supreme Court. Doyle's group is planning to sue for the overturn of DC's ban.

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