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SWITZERLAND: Hate Speech Bill Passes

Via Gay Star News:
Switzerland has voted for a law to protect LGBTI people from discrimination. The parliament voted with 103 in favor, 73 against and nine abstentions to ensure nobody is targeted with hate speech and discrimination on the basis of their sexual or gender identity. It was an amendment to a law that already protected people of different races or faiths. "It's nice to live in a country that recognizes diversity and supports the same equal protection for everyone." according to Bastian Baumann, Secretary-General of Pink Cross. Secretary General of The Swiss Lesbian Organization, Barbara Lanthemann, added: "The law is not only important for LGBT organizations; it also improves the daily life of lesbians and gays."
Last month the lower chamber of the Swiss Parliament approved a same-sex marriage bill. Should it be approved by the upper chamber, its enactment would require passage via a national referendum. In 1999 Switzerland banned anti-LGBT discrimination in business and employment. Partnership rights were recognized in 2007. In 2001 Swiss voters overwhelming rejected a campaign to join the European Union.

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