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TEXAS: Live From Today's Hate Rally

Texas Values is about to begin its anti-gay marriage hate rally in Austin where Judge Roy Moore and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton are among the scheduled speakers. Lone Star Q is on the scene and live-tweeting. Hit the link and follow along.

UPDATE: The Austin Statesman is also live-tweeting.

UPDATE II: The opening prayer was delivered by Rick Scarborough, who has declared that God would be justified in nuking America because we have gay ambassadors. He's also called for a class action lawsuit against homosexuality itself.
UPDATE III: Also making an appearance today was Texas state Rep. Cecil Bell, who has introduced a bill to stop the paychecks of any state employee who issues a same-sex marriage license. Pictured with Bell is Texas Values head Jonathan Saenz, whose wife left him for another woman.
UPDATE IV: The final speaker was Roy Moore.

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