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ACLU: Love Is In The Air

The ACLU and many other LGBT allies are live-tweeting from outside the Supreme Court where a cavalcade of crackpots is fighting for camera time with repulsive banners, including on that reads "You are worthy of death." (That's infamous street preacher Ruben Isreal's group.) Other nutters are screaming abuse over portable loudspeakers while annoyed civil rights activists roll their eyes. If you have access to a television, CSPAN 1 is regularly cutting away from their panel discussions to the riotous scene outside the court. Over on CSPAN 3, hate groups are hold a press conference at the National Press Club, where at this writing Mat Staver is ranting in his familiar nutjob fashion. Oral arguments commence at 10AM and are scheduled to run until about 1PM. Shortly after the arguments conclude we'll get audio files and I'll posted those here immediately.[Bottom photo by JMG reader ArchiLaw]

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