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Family Research Council: Angels In Heaven Are Supporting Our Marriage Fast

The Family Research Council's 21-day fast against same-sex marriage began this week and this is today's message:
Recognize that we are not alone – 1) There is a host of believers on the ground, among them thousands of dedicated intercessors and prayer warriors throughout the U.S. and around the world are praying together for our cause: the preservation of natural, Biblical marriage in our land, and for continued liberty among Christians and others both to believe and practice their faith under God as we are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. 2) Behind this host on the ground, there is an innumerable host in heaven, eager and ready to respond to our need and our cries.

God has called us to wrestle knowing we have heavenly assistance. We wrestle in His strength. Our enemies are not flesh and blood, but “principalities and powers” in the spiritual realm (Eph 3:10 and 6:12). These are powerful spirits that influence and drive men to do evil (“doctrines of devils”); and where the very idea of same-sex marriage emerged (see Jude 1:3-25). God is our Strength and our Refuge! He has a stake in the emblem of Christ and His church on earth, the holy institution of marriage that He created. He will fight for Christ’s sake and ours, just as he did for Jehoshaphat, Elisha and millions more (see Rev 12:11). May we emulate the “Heroes of Faith” in Heb 11! All of them kept their eyes on God and believed his promises against all the hosts of hell arrayed against them.
Yes, that's really their logo. Seems like THAT guy is eating.

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