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Today's FRC Marriage Fasting Prayer

As part of their 21-day fast against same-sex marriage, today the Family Research Council asks its followers to pray that the Supreme Court realizes that they are probably going to hell. Also, something about a donkey.
May the Fear of God be upon each member’s staff: their clerks, their assistants, their friends, their families and all who influence them. May they collectively sense the very power and presence of God hovering over them, warning them of his righteousness and justice; warning them that they must give an account to the Supreme Judge of the World for their actions. May they receive visions and dreams like Abimelech, Pharaoh, Pilate’s wife, Belshazzar; Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, warning them of what will come to pass if they rule wrongly in this important case. May they be shown the consequences of their decision. And finally, may they, like Balaam, who was warned by God’s voice not to take an assignment from Balak, to curse the Jews, be rebuked supernaturally as Balaam was, by a dumb donkey speaking, and an angel of the Lord, his sword drawn, ready to kill Balaam. When he met Balak to fulfil his contract, he could only speak the words God commanded him – to “bless and not curse” the Jews. May that power fall upon the entire court, in such a way that those who now lack the fear of God will be moved by the fear of God to vote in a way they would not otherwise have voted.
I'll stop posting these when they stop being funny.

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