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Former Irish President: Yes Costs You Nothing, No Costs Gay Children Everything

Via Gay Star News:
Former Irish president Mary McAleese has given an incredible speech for gay marriage. She has called on all families across Ireland to vote yes in the same-sex marriage referendum on Friday (22 May), saying the future for gay children is at stake. Speaking of her hopes and fears for her gay son Justin, she said she hoped to live in a country that truly believes in equality. McAleese said Ireland's LGBTI community is too small to win the referendum by themselves, and they need the allies - the majority - to help them to victory. "We, the majority, have to make it happen for them and for all the unborn gay children who are relying on us to end the branding, end the isolation, end the inequality, literally once and for all," she said. "A yes vote costs the rest of us nothing. A no vote costs our gay children everything."
The clip is long but totally worth your time, especially the opening bit about her own gay son.

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