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IRELAND: The Three Degrees Perform Disco Classic When Will I See You Again

On the same Irish show that featured the same-sex marriage debate mentioned in the post below this one, last night The Three Degrees performed their 1974 Philly disco classic smash When Will I See You Again. Oh, the harmonies! The track peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and spent two week atop the UK's singles chart. The group's lineup has gone through many changes since it was first formed in 1963 and fifteen women have performed with them over those 52 years. Lead vocalist Valerie Holiday has been with the group since 1967 and Helen Scott (left) first joined in 1963, returning in 1976. Freddie Pool (right) joined in 2011.

RELATED: You really must check out the The Three Degrees' live 1975 cover of MacArthur Park. The wigs! The choreography! The orchestra! And OMG again, the harmonies.

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