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LOUISIANA: FRC Poll Says FRC Is Right About Anti-Gay Marriage Bill

Tony Perkins via email:
There's a reason liberals are polling on the wrong question in Louisiana! If they asked voters about the actual effects of the Marriage and Conscience Act, liberals wouldn't like what the voters had to say. Turns out, protecting the freedom of belief isn't as controversial as the media would have you believe. In a brand new survey, commissioned by FRC and the Louisiana Family Forum Action through WPA Opinion Research, most Louisianans agree that the government shouldn't be able to discriminate against individuals, organizations, or family businesses just for holding a natural view of marriage. Under the state's H.B. 707, a person couldn't lose their tax status, professional license, or state grants for believing in marriage as the union of a man and woman.
See the full poll. The bill will be debated today.

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