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ALABAMA: GOP Bill To Ban All Marriage Licenses Dies For Current Session

And another one bites the dust.
Legislation that would take the state of Alabama out of the business of issuing marriage licenses died in the House of Representatives committee today. "This bill does not destroy marriage," Rep. Greg Albritton, R- Bay Minette, said. "This bill does not denigrate marriage. This bill doesn't desanctify marriage because the state cannot sanctify marriage." The legislation passed in the Senate, but it won't go before the House for consideration. It failed 8-3 in the House Judiciary Committee. Albritton said the bill would simply substitute the license for a marriage contract that would be filed in the probate office and would take away the requirement for a marriage ceremony. It was an attempt to prevent chaos from ensuing if the Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage this summer, he said. "My goal is not to protect a group," Albritton said. "My goal is to protect the state."
NOTE: The above-linked story misidentifies Albritton as a member of the House. He is actually the state Senate author of the bill.

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