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TRAILER: Bridge Of Spies

Via Vanity Fair:
In this first look at Bridge of Spies, directed by Steven Spielberg from a script by Matt Charman and Joel and Ethan Coen, you see the strange set of circumstances that brought James Donovan to East Berlin in the 1950s. Hanks describes Donovan as a “bull of a negotiator,” and says that when the attorney was tasked with defending a Soviet spy (Mark Rylance) who had been captured in the United States, “James Donovan knew that if he took the case of defending Abel, it was going to consume him.” As it turned out, Donovan developed a rapport with the spy, and when an American U-2 bomber (Austin Stowell) was shot down over the Soviet Union some time later, Donovan was perfectly positioned to travel to East Berlin and negotiate a prisoner exchange to bring the American back home. It’s all a true story, and one Spielberg remembers very well from his own childhood.

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