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SOUTH CAROLINA: Confederate Flag To Come Down After Lopsided House Vote

Via the Washington Post:
The Confederate flag flying on South Carolina’s statehouse grounds is set to come down after the House voted 94-20 to remove it. The bill, passed early Thursday morning, now heads to Republican Gov. Nikki Haley’s desk and she is expected to sign it. After more than 13 hours of debate — which became increasingly contentious as the night wore on — House Republicans and Democrats agreed not to amend the legislation with a proposal that threatened to make final passage more difficult. Just before 1:00 a.m. the lawmakers approved the legislation 93-27 in a critical second reading vote. Minutes later, the bill easily cleared the two-thirds threshold needed for it officially pass the chamber, a hurdle the Senate cleared earlier this week.
After its removal the flag will be displayed in a nearby museum. One of last night's most impassioned speeches came from Republican Rep. Jenny Horne.

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