Main | Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Not to get all Gawker Stalker on you, but in the last couple of weeks I've seen the following celebrities hoofing it down Gotham's sidewalks: Frank Gifford, Jon Stewart, Jeff Goldblum, Jackie Mason, Jane Fonda, Moby, Harvey Keitel, Lorraine Bracco, Chris Carrabba (only recognized him because of his tats), Star Jones (who has a really weird neck) and (most importantly) Chris Meloni.

I also saw the fat guy from Lost and the short hot hairy guy that played Murphy Brown's boyfriend. Oh, and the guy who was the fisting bottom in Bareback II: Electric Boogaloo.* I suppose if I were the sort who was more easily starstruck, I'd be downstairs and across the street, in front of Cipriani, during one of their thrice-weekly fragrance/book/CD/fashion launch parties. Meh. I have become really good at the New York City "I'm NOT looking at YOU" stare.

*Totally made this up.

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