Main | Thursday, May 25, 2006

Way Gay Wizzy

If you are in NYC for Pride Week, I invite you to attend this year's Pride edition of WYSIWYG, the monthly queer bloggers showcase, where I will perform with a fun cast including haikuist/go-go boy/composer Joel Derfner, who totally upstaged me in last year's show with a song about sperm donation.

Joining Joel and me will be my hilarious pal Curly McDimple, author of Ham & Cheese On Rye, Rod Townsend, the devastatingly sexy and recently single*
Manhattan Offender, performance artist Greg Walloch, Spinster, author of The Femme Files, and DJ Ayden, author of The Butch Caucus.

This year's Pride show is titled Way Gay: Even Gayer Gay Gayness, ramping up the gayness from last year's I Love A Parade: Even Gayer Tales Of Extremely Gay Gayness, where I did this. This year I'll be reading a new story called My Gaydar Is Not 20:20.

*Paid personal announcement.

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