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HRC Outs Outer

“The email exchanges in question between former Congressman Mark Foley and a House page have been in the possession of bloggers and media outlets for some time now. Yesterday, it came to our attention that an HRC employee, hired just last month to work for us in Michigan, was responsible for initially posting these emails on his blog. We investigated the matter, determined that HRC resources had been inappropriately used, and let him go. No one at the Human Rights Campaign, other than this individual, had any knowledge of his activities,” said Brad Luna, Spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign.

via - Stop October Surprises

If we buy the press release, I suppose this could neatly end the story, at least as far as HRC's involvement. Do we buy it? I'm sure that the gay neocon conspiricists won't.

UPDATE: Today's NY Times weighs in on yesterday's HRC press release.

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