Main | Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Who Will It Be?

The progressive blogosphere is on pins and needles today as BlogActive's Mike Rogers is about to finally come through on his threat to out an anti-gay Republican Senator for having public restroom sex with men. The revelation (and I have no idea how Rogers is going to substantiate his claim) will come live on national talk radio on the Ed Shultz Show, today at 5:30PM EST. You can listen live online here, or on Sirius Channel 146. Of course, you can return here to JMG at the end of the day and I will have the (hopefully) sordid details.

UPDATE: It appears to be an Idaho Senator. That means:

Senator Mike Crapo ------- OR -------- Senator Larry Craig.

UPDATE II: An amusing comment on BlogActive: "Just imagine: Somewhere a wife is getting the 'I Am A Gay American' speech, right before her husband signs a juicy book deal."

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