Main | Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fly Clear

Orlando International is continuing with their year-long test of Fly Clear, the program in which travelers can be pre-screened for security clearance. In my 30 minutes waiting, I saw only one person use the Clear lane. He inserted his card, had his thumbprint scanned, and was waved through. The machine was set up for iris scanning also.

On the airside of the terminal, I found a Clear booth staffed by three perky employees, one of whom claimed that Fly Clear has 30,000 Orlando members . Orlando is presently the only airport offering the $100/year service, with JFK, San Jose, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis about to join in. Since JFK and MCO are my two most frequently used airports, this program might be worth it to me. Now I have to consider whether I want the government to have my biometric data.

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