Main | Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Best Bet: Remember The Party 5

Rolling Stone critic Barry Walters has picked my buddy DJ Jerry Bonham's 5-disc Remember The Party 5 soundtrack as his TOP pick in the Safe Six Of 'O6, his list of best bets for disco reissues of the last year.
Smooth as butter and always harmonically aligned, Bonham's segues are so seamless that even dancers who know this music forwards and backwards will find themselves surprised as each track slips gently into the next. Bonham re-edits many cuts in ways that both respect the originals and provide surprises for jaded listeners. Finally, this set truly does reflect the emotional and music arc of a perfect disco night out.
I have the fantastic Remember The Party 4 sitting right here on my desk. Walters' other reissue picks for 2006: Cerrone's Supernature, Peter Jacques Band, Motown Disco: Soulful Grooves, and the superb A Tom Moulton Mix. You can order Remember The Party 5 from Medium Rare Records.

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