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Gay Sheep Debacle Unravels

Thanks to the work of the blogosphere, there has been a thorough debunking of the "gay cure" hysteria that PETA is attempting to stir up (by way of a website, celebrity denouncements, and a sloppy, fact-challenged Sunday Times article that reads as if PETA wrote it themselves.)

Back in September 2006, a biologist using the handle Empty Pockets, on the lefty blog The Next Hurrah, first shredded the PETA position, thoroughly fact-checking the issue and conducting an interview with "gay sheep" researcher Dr. Charles Roselli at Oregon Health & Science University. After last week's outrageously inaccurate Sunday Times article, Empty Pockets fisked their story into pieces on The Next Hurrah and via his Daily Kos diary. (Crooks & Liars momentarily bought the PETA piece, but quickly updated with the debunking.)

While I worry about what the future holds for unborn homosexuals, especially regarding anti-gay gene therapy and prenatal hormone "treatments", I regret bringing this nonsense onto JMG. PETA has only dramatically refreshed their reputation as a group of nutjob fanatics who won't let small issues like the truth stand in the way of their goals. What Roselli and OHSU are doing is not anti-gay research and Martina Navratilova is wrong to campaign against it. Once again, the blogosphere has trumped the MSM.

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