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JMG 2006 Recap - Gay Culture

In no particular order, here's a recap of some of the hottest gay culture topics discussed on JMG in 2006. What was the biggest issue for you?

1. When Is Outing OK? - Four case studies.

2. HIV IS A Gay Disease - Says the LA Gay & Lesbian Center.

3. Mass. Marriage State - Lesbians out-marry gay men 2-1.

4. Speaking In Tina Tongues - Ted Haggard outed.

5. The Mike Jones Fund - JMG readers create a tip jar.

6. HRC Wonk Exposed- Foley's outer outed.

7. Iranian Mission Vigil - Protest of gays executed in Iran.

8. "We're Gonna Kill You, Faggot!" - The Kevin Aviance bashing.

9. Christians Outraged! - A sissy hosts Miss Universe.

10. Beyond Same Sex Marriage - Activists protest gay marriage as Goal #1.

11. No Justice, No Hairpiece! - Cuz bald men never get gangbanged.

12. JMG Reader Letter - Poz guys aren't all climbing mountains, despite the ads.

13. Gay, Straight, Or Stupid? - A reality show for gays. But only if you're butch.

14. Dollars Vs. Gay Youth - Teenage gay hoodlums in the West Village.

15. Self-Loathing - Gay culture's defining negative characteristic?

16. Boyfriends, With An S - Thruples and polyamory in gay life.

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