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Queer Of The Year 2006: Mike Jones

The Queer Of The Year 2006 is Mike Jones, with almost twice as many votes as the second place nominee. Jones, a Denver-based former prostitute, exposed the hypocrisy of the nation's leading evangelical figure and in doing so, influenced the nation's midterm elections, helping the Democrats win a slim majority, according to top Republican officials.

Thanks go out to all who participated in this poll, especially the judges who lent their considerable brain power to selecting the nominees, and to the bloggers who ran the poll on their own sites. It was a fun and fascinating exercise and helped us learn a lot about so much of the good work that is being done out there on our behalf. Congratulations and thanks go out to Mike Jones.

UPDATE: Mike Jones responds: To all who voted in the Queer of the Year, I would like to thank you even if you did not vote for me. Every one on the list deserved to win. To the ones that voted for me I say thank you. I am grateful and very much appreciative. I take nothing for granted in life so it means a lot to me. Happy New Year to all. - Mike Jones

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